More Than Just a Networking Group 



Beginning in 2004, two young businessmen found themselves discouraged by the local networking groups available to them on Long Island. They felt as though the available groups were entrenched with business people at least twenty years their senior, who didn’t share the same views and values as them. They felt that there needed to be a place for young business people to come together, without feeling obligated to partake in the “hard sell”-style of referring business. Their vision was to promote business and build friendships by bringing people together through various charitable events. By giving back to the community while simultaneously cultivating informal business relations, they freed themselves and the community from the stigma of networking group restraints. For NLI, an important aspect of networking is trusting the recommendations you receive for services and their providers. This organization offers its members an assortment of local service providers who other members have deemed trustworthy, whether those service providers are members themselves or not. Nine years later, Stephen Malito and Joseph Sellito continue to lead the long-standing members of NLI through their continued efforts to build ties and support local charities, and welcome any newcomers to join their organization.




The goal of our organization is to nurture relationships that increase the opportunities your business has to prosper from word-of-mouth marketing. It aims to become a recognized force in the business community here on Long Island by strengthening its members’ leadership abilities, thereby creating a strong foundation for the advancement of community commerce. By bringing successful people together with these common goals in mind, we succeed in providing a process through which concerns may be expressed and addressed, and challenges are met and overcome.

Since its inception, NLI has raised over $25,000 through the annual Learn Golf for Charity event, hosted at the Harbor Links Golf Course in Port Washington, which is only one of many charitable endeavors NLI has taken on.



08 November